Beaver Fever: 5 Tasty Treats Featuring All-Natural Anal Secretions

You might have heard rumors about the anal secretions of beavers (which smell and taste like vanilla beans) being used to flavor food and thought, Oh, the things people will believe! Well, the joke’s on you, sucker. You’ve probably eaten beaver anus and didn’t even know it! This week, the Swedish National Food Agency confirmed that the anal secretions beavers use to mark their territory, called castoreum, is indeed used for vanilla flavoring in things like baked goods, chewing gum and pudding. Although beaver butt juice is rarely used to flavor our food here in the United States, some products do contain castoreum. You’ll see it labeled as on the ingredient list as “natural flavoring.” Oh, that’s about as natural as it gets. Here at The Frisky, we support the use of beaver ass in baking and hope that it will soon become as trendy as chia seeds. Click through for some delish recipes featuring sweet and fragrant beaver anus. [The Atlantic]