A.J. Aniston, Jennifer Aniston’s Crust Punk Half-Brother, Wants To Cuddle With You

The paparazzi have been searching for Jennifer Aniston’s half-brother, son of John Aniston and his second wife Sherry Rooney, for the last nine years. He was last spotted at the 2004 premiere of “Along Came Polly,” as a clean cut 14-year-old. At long last, A.J. Aniston, now a 24-year-old crust punk, was found wandering the playa at Burning Man, complete with a raccoon tail and two stomach tattoos (“Live Free” and “Down To Cuddle” right above his crotch). So what has A.J. been doing all these years? The self-described “traveling artist,” who sleeps on a mattress in the back of a van and likes to “make his own bikes,” has been busy trekking between Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and Alaska. When asked if would ever talk to the press about Jen, he replied: “Never.” Ouch. He may not be down to talk about his sister, but he is down to cuddle. [NYMag.comDaily Mail UK]