7 Reasons Why Autumn Is Absurdly Awesome

We are summer girls here at The Frisky. Amelia and I love a good tan. We ALL love the beach, the long, hazy summer days that meander seamlessly into night, and the glory of throwing on a sundress and heading out into the world. These are the things about summer that we remember in the depths of winter, when it’s been snowing for an eternity and the walk from your apartment to the bodega requires sidestepping mountains of slush. Thankfully, Gaia in her infinite glory presents us with a weather option that neatly straddles the line between the soaring highs of summer and the walloping lows of winter. On the cusp of the official first day of the season, let’s celebrate some amazing things about autumn…

1. Fall is really the fairest of them all. If you live anywhere with trees that change colors, you are treated to a truly awe-inspiring show of nature’s true majesty. If you live in a place with weird “seasons” (I’m looking at you, San Francisco), then your long national nightmare winds to a close as June gloom is replaced with bright blue skies and temperate weather.

2. The return of television is a momentous occasion. Like summer flings, television in the summer is frivolous, hot and heavy, but ultimately peters out and dies as the weather turns cool. There are a few exceptions to this rule — “Breaking Bad” and “Big Brother” being two standouts — but come September, all your old friends are back, well-rested and ready to hang! Schmidt and Dr. Lahiri and Phil Dunphy and the wacky kids over at “Top Chef” are all back! A night in flipping thru the channels is now a joyous occasion, peppered with shows you love and shows you could possibly fall for. Welcome them all back with open arms.

3. The first day of school feeling never goes away. There’s something about a chill in the air and a nip of wind around the cheeks that makes me feel like it’s time to buckle down and buy a bunch of notebooks. This feeling also applies very handily to life beyond the classroom. Take up a new hobby, or finally lean in at work. Fall is a time of great possibility, so use it to your advantage.

4. Two words: Sweater. Weather. I love a sundress and sandals as much as the next girl, but the moisturizing and maintenance required to bare one’s limbs all the time is tiresome come end of August. Fall is the season that lets you embrace the best of both worlds. Bare legs and boots, sweaters and shorts, all the scarves — now is the time for you to wear all the clothes that are perfect for 70 degree days, and 60 degree nights.

5. Comfort food shines in autumn. Salads are a wonderful thing, but in the fall, you get to supplement your salad intake by accompanying it with a really nice baked ziti, or a crispy-gooey mac ‘n’ cheese, or any of these fantastic butternut squash recipes. Hearty food is good food, and fall marks the time of year when it’s acceptable and enjoyable to have your oven on for longer than five minutes. Casseroles for everyone!

6. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where apple picking is available, it is the ultimate fall activity. Crisp air, orchards, and then the spoils of your adventure, baked into crumbly pies, made into cider, eaten fresh out of the hand in the car on the way home. Trust me — this is your best fall life.

7. Fall books are almost as exciting as summer books, but more so because they are so much more meaty and substantial. You can feel happily justified purchasing big, authoritative full-release paperbacks because you will spend your Sundays curled up under an afghan, sipping from a mug of tea and reading in silent bliss.

This is just the beginning. Tell us how you feel about the changing of the seasonal guards in the comments!