Powerball Just Made Someone $400 Million Richer — How Would You Spend It?

Some extremely lucky person in Lexington, South Carolina bought the winning $400 million Powerball ticket this week. After they consult a financial adviser and put extra locks on their door, this solo winner will get to start pondering a real-life version of that classic fantasy question: What would you buy if you won the lottery? In light of this huge jackpot, we couldn’t resist doing a little pondering ourselves… Read on to find out how The Frisky staff would spend the cash, and share your own Powerball-funded dreams in the comments!

“I would pay off all of my immediate family’s medical bills, student loans and mortgage payments. I’d buy my mom a villa in Tuscany and I’d buy myself one in Fiji! I’d donate money to children’s hospitals and donate to lupus research (my sister has it). I’d also get massages every day.” –Katie

Vagina couch. A succulent garden. Tempur-Pedic mattress. Apartment in Paris. Full-time masseuse. Personal barista and sommelier.” –Ami

“Pay off my debts, secure Beyonce + a solid gospel choir for my wedding, buy an island and accompanying transportation, and finally institute the Megan-bus, which is my own personal transportation — better than a car service, better than a taxi. It just ANTICIPATES where I’m gonna be at, and then gets me where I need to go.” –Megan

“Buy Ryan Gosling’s love*, clone Lucca, buy my mom a house, send my close friend to the best rehab in the world, and install an indoor swing and hammock in every room of my newly purchased estate.” –Amelia

“My first purchase would probably be a first class ticket to Italy. Then a Union Jack Mini Cooper and a meet and a greet with Celine Dion. I’d buy my boyfriend a gorgeous old building in downtown Nashville to start his own bakery. I’d definitely donate at least a few million to Planned Parenthood. Oh, and I’d get a huge clawfoot tub, where I would take daily baths in Creme Le Mer.” –Winona

“Pay off all my family’s debts and medical bills and mortgages, and also make sure everyone who wants to go to college has it fully paid for. Move into a beachfront home with a heated pool AND jacuzzi AND tennis court AND a library. Buy myself a BMW. Daily shopping sprees. A closet full of Alice + Olivia clothes. Donate money to stock libraries in underprivileged communities with books & computers. Oh, and I’d buy a baby panda. Spare no expense.” –Jessica

“The clothes. Oh, the CLOTHES. The fine jewelry! The luxurious gilded furniture and ALL the furs. A chateau in the French countryside! Did you guys know I’m a Taurus?” –Rachel

*Jessica’s reaction to Amelia’s list: “But Amelia, wouldn’t you be sad if it turns out Ryan Gosling’s love can be bought? I mean on a philosophical level.”
Amelia’s response: “I won’t have time to be sad about such things because I will be too busy have sex with Ryan Gosling.”

[Photo of woman with money via Shutterstock]