Bill Clinton’s Ex-Mistress Gennifer Flowers Now Writes Sex Advice Column “Ask Mistress Gennifer”

Did you forget Gennifer Flowers existed? Us, too. But here she is in the UK’s Daily Mail, for some reason. In the exclusive interview with Bill Clinton’s former mistress, she claims that the president would have stayed with her had his daughter Chelsea not been born and he reportedly told Flowers that Hillary Clinton is “bisexual,” but he didn’t care, and Hillary “had eaten more pussy than he had.” 

Okay. Thanks for sharing!

“He was the love of my life and I was the love of his life and you don’t get over those things,” the former cabaret singer opined, adding that she wishes they could talk about some “unresolved issues.” Bill Clinton reportedly got in touch with Flowers out-of-the-blue in 2005 after 13 years of silence. She had recently gotten divorced and was “shocked” Clinton wanted to talk. Alas, they never met up: “I was scared. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see him in my heart of hearts. I was just afraid.” She did not explain why she felt scared or why Clinton might have gotten in touch after she published a book, Passion And Betrayal, about their affair. (Other activities that kept her busy since 1992? Posing for a $1 million Penthouse spread and appearing in an Off-Broadway show called “Boobs! The Musical.”)

These days, Flowers writes a sex advice column, “Ask Mistress Gennifer” for, a website dedicated to the lad mag publisher Bob Guccione. There she writes about topics posed by readers, like “I want my boyfriend to dominate me” and “My girlfriend wants me to get circumcised.”  If you follow Mistress Gennifer’s sex tips, you might experience a little bit of Bubba “I’m going to have to thank Bill for some of the advice I’m going to be giving. It will be based on experiences I had with him,” she said. “Really, he taught me a lot.”

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