Aaron Paul Claims He Can Tell A Dog’s Sex By Petting It — But He Has Yet To Touch Lucca

Aaron Paul is best known for his acting, most notably as Jesse Pinkman on “Breaking Bad,” but he has other talents. On last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the actor (who’s giving me a beard boner) demonstrated his innate, God-given ability to correctly guess the gender of a dog simply by petting it. While I’m impressed, I won’t be truly blown away until Aaron lays his hands upon my dog Lucca.

See, Lucca has always been a little confused. She’s a female dog, there’s no doubt about it, but she also has very masculine energy. Nine out of 10 times, strangers think she’s male. That may be because they just saw her lift her leg to pee or witnessed her humping one of her toys. Or maybe they heard me call her “Stuart” and/or “James” (after James Franco, her celeb doppelganger). Clearly, I am always very supportive of the way Lucca chooses to explore and express her gender identity. But my point is, I’m not so sure Aaron would get a clear reading on Lucca’s gender simply by petting her. Aaron, feel free to shoot me an email and perhaps we could have you come into The Frisky office the next time you’re in NYC and we can find out how exceptional your special talent really is. I mean, I guess I gave the answer away already, but still. Email me. [Huffington Post]