A Beautiful, Heartbreaking Moment In The Wake Of The Colorado Floods

Mark Changaris had just returned to his Boulder, Colorado home after helping rescue friends from the devastating floods nearby when a landslide sent a violent slurry of water, mud, and debris into his home. The onslaught instantly destroyed many of his possessions. After surveying the damage, Changaris sat down at his beloved grand piano, which was now caked in mud, and began to play. His roommate Maren recorded the whole thing. “He loves the home, he’s lived there for almost 4 years,” she says. “He loves the piano. We needed something beautiful amidst the destruction and mud, rocks, and debris. Watching him play was the first time I actually felt sad and heartbroken by the events.” To help people affected by the recent floods in Colorado, please donate to a local chapter of the American Red Cross or one of these organizations that’s currently involved with the recovery effort. [YouTube via Upworthy]