Meet Happie, The Guinness World Record Holder For Farthest Distance Skateboarded By A Goat

Florida resident Melody Cooke had a problem. Her pet goat Happie kept trying to get on her bike while she was riding it. Worried that Happie would hurt herself, she did the sensible thing and gave her goat a skateboard to play with instead. She didn’t realize that her quick fix would lead to a Guinness World Record, but that’s exactly what happened. Happie proved to be such a talented skateboarder that earlier this year she earned the coveted record for Farthest Distance Skateboarded By A Goat with a ride of 118 feet. “It feels like a dream,” says Cooke. “I can’t believe that first of all she has a Guinness World Record, and second of all she skateboards, and she’s a goat.” [YouTube]