Kickass Woman Of The Day: Susan Scatena, The NYC Librarian Who Read To An Alligator

At the beginning of the summer, Queens Library Children’s Librarian Susan Scatena came up with a unique way to encourage local kids to participate in her summer reading program: if 300 kids signed up and read at least 4,000 books, she would read a story to an alligator. The wacky challenge was alluring enough to make the program a smashing success, with 344 kids enrolled and 4,595 books read. This week, Scatena made good on her promise, reading There’s An Alligator Under My Bed aloud to a 5-foot alligator named Wally while hundreds of delighted kids watched. This isn’t the first time Scatena has used a crazy dare to get kids to read. Past summer reading challenges have included sitting in a tub of jello, kissing a rabbit, and snuggling with a python. The best part? She’s had to make good on every single promise, because her summer reading programs always hit their goals. [School Library Journal]