Famous Lady Thinkers Actually Holding A Debate On Whether Men Are Obsolete

The wage gap. Rape culture. Marriage equality. Racism. Violence against women and girls. Creepshots. Labor rights. So many important topics worthy of mainstream feminism’s attention today. Instead, the Munk Debates, a prominent debate society in Toronto, Canada, is holding a debate on whether or not men are obsolete. 

The all-white, mostly-straight panel features The Atlantic and Slate.com’s Hanna Rosin and New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd arguing the “pro” side, while How To Be A Woman author Caitlin Moran and Sexual Personae author Camille Paglia will argue against the resolution. The debate, titled “The End Of Men,” is clearly tied to the paperback version of Rosin’s book by the same name, its epilogue having been published on Slate last week under the headline “The Patriarchy Is Dead,” trolling the hell out of feminists. (Additionally, Dowd published a book several years ago, Are Men Necessary?, which also toyed with the subject of men’s uselessness to modern day women.)

I am certain these ladies have interesting — or in Paglia’s case, bombastic — things to say about men, women, modern gender roles and the current state of feminism. And they could do those things over a really fun brunch, where it belongs. Caitlin Moran will bring the prosecco! Why has a goofy topic that really only might apply to a teeny, weeny segment of the privileged, middle- to upper-middle-class population been deemed worthy of a debate moderated by a person whose first name is “Rudyard”? I guess the wage gap and rape culture are too boring as topics for the Munk Debates.

There is also the simple fact that men literally aren’t obsolete and never will be — at least not be until the creation of some kind of dystopian future cyborg society where women no longer need male sperm in order to procreate. Alas, most of us rather like men. That won’t be happening on our watch. End of debate! Have a nice brunch, ladies.

[Are Men Obsolete? via Munk Debates]

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