Congratulations Seattle, You’re The Flannel-iest City In America

The Duluth Trading Company recently used Google search data to figure out which American cities were most smitten with flannel. Unsurprisingly, the Pacific Northwest flannel capital of Seattle/Tacoma claimed the top spot, although Portland somehow didn’t even crack the top 10 (color this native Portlander nonplussed!). Did your city make the list? Check out the top 10 flannel-loving locales after the jump, and head over to DTC’s website for hilarious, in-depth infographics to accompany each one.

1. Seattle/Tacoma
2. Boston
3. San Francisco
4. Minneapolis/St. Paul
5. Denver
6. Philadelphia
7. Washington, DC
8. Los Angeles
9. New York City
10. Chicago

[Duluth Trading Company]