Brooklyn’s Latest Claim To Fame? The Pickiest Female Daters In America

If you are someone, or are friends with someone, or have ever met someone who lives in or in the vicinity of the New York City metro, you’re guaranteed to have heard more than your fair share of complaints regarding the dating climate in Manhattan and Brooklyn. (Does this also apply to Queens and other boroughs? You tell me; I’ve never been there.) Hell, you’ve probably even experienced it firsthand.

Bottom line: it’s hard out here for a dater, and uniquely so. You would think that a city packed with singles would lend itself to a multitude of opportunities for meeting new, eligible people all the time. And sure, it does, but there’s still something about New York that somehow makes coupling up really, really hard to do.

But — newsflash — maybe it’s us!

Dating site collected data on over 453,000 interactions involving women ages 18 to 99 (now that’s a demographic) to determine by location who were most and least likely to respond to messages sent by prospective dates. Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles all ranked high on the pickiness scale … but when it comes to the most discriminating daters of all, can I hear it for Brooklyn? I can’t say I’m surprised. I mean, have you seen our restaurants? Our boutiques? Our bars? We pride ourselves on keeping that shit curated to the nth detail, and it would seem that the same goes for our love lives. (What ever happened to “spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way“?) But really, what can I say? We’ve got high standards and selective taste. Call us, we’re still single! [The Gloss]