10 Hopes And Dreams For Britney Spears’ Vegas Show (In GIFs!)

Yesterday on “Good Morning America,” Britney Spears arrived in a helicopter, hovering above a sea of fans holding cards that formed a 10-story likeness of the pop icon. So what if she arrived having just puked, wearing no shirt and too sick to do a proper interview? The point was that she had an important announcement to make and she needed to do it in style. That’s right … Britney Jean Spears is coming to Vegas, bitches! After rumors and suspicious tweets, the pop star confirmed that she’ll be doing a two-year residency at Planet Hollywood in Sin City. “Britney: Piece of Me” will debut on December 27th. Obviously, what The Frisky wants for Christmas is a group of front-row tickets to her first show. SANTA … PLEASE!? Or Brit’s publicist?? Once we heard the news, we immediately started casting, choreographing and sequencing her Vegas extravaganza. In case anyone on her team is reading, here are a few of our initial requests for “Piece of Me,” along with some of our favorite Britney GIFs. Just because. [Washington Post]

1. She wears all denim and sings to a hologram of Justin Timberlake (also in a Canadian tuxedo) to pay tribute to the greatest musical relationship that ever existed. (Not counting Beyonce and Jay-Z, of course.)

2. Snakes. Lots of snakes. “Slave 4 U” was good and all, but one python is NOT ENOUGH. We’d like to see Brit swimming in a pit of live pythons.

3. She does whole show barefoot.

4. We think a cameo/duet with Celine Dion would totally be do-able since she has her own residency right down the street.

5. She brings two lucky fans onstage to recreate her VMA makeout session with Madonna and Christina Aguilera.

6. We’re envisioning Brit performing “Toxic” in a hot stewardess costume, pushing a cart filled with Cheetos down the aisles. In fact, all ticket holders get a free bucket of Cheetos!

7. She owes audiences a really lively, enthusiastic rendition of “Gimme More” to make up for that infamous phoned-in, tranquilizer-induced lip sync at the VMAs a few years ago.

10 Hopes And Dreams For Britney Spears' Vegas Show (In GIFs!)

8. We think a reenactment of her infamous head-shaving/umbrella attack while covering Rihanna’s “Umbrella” would bring down the house. Costume-wise, she’ll need a bad weave and bald cap.

9. Um. We really want ex-hubby Kevin Federline be her backup dancer for at least one song.

10. And what would a Britney Spears Vegas show be without a quickie wedding to an audience member that she annuls 55 hours later? It would be nothing, that’s what.