The Only Thing Missing From Patrick Stewart’s Wedding Photo Is My Mom (But I’ll Get Over It)

Look, I really am very very very happy for Sir Patrick Stewart. He is a newly married man and his new wife, Sunny Ozell, seems lovely. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit to feeling just a little bit sad that Sir Patrick is off the market, as now he cannot be my Sir Step-Dad. See, it was only just a few weeks ago when I hatched a plan to set up my mom with the man who played my fictional father figure, Captain Jean Luc Picard. When my mom mentioned she had seen him around her Brooklyn neighborhood, I was like, OH MY GOD, THEY SHOULD GET MARRIED. She wasn’t that into the idea, mind you, but I felt she would come around. But before she could, my future Sir Step-Dad did get married. To someone else. And Sir Ian McKellan officiated! My dream of cracking “Make it so!” and “Earl Grey, hot” jokes over Christmas dinner was crushed. But honestly, Patrick and his lovely wife look so full of joy in this just released wedding photo that I can’t be upset Stewart chose someone besides my mom to be his Number One. Congrats, you lovebirds. [People]