Jaden Smith Needs To Hop Off Amanda Bynes’s Twitter Game

Jaden Smith is little more than a super-rich child actor with a famous family who has enough money and foolhardiness to encourage others to drop out of school once and for all so they can be just like him (i.e. all but incapable of differentiating “there” and “they’re”). But is he also Amanda Bynes? Not for anything — Amanda has been diagnosed mentally ill, which is clearly no laughing matter — but Jaden has been seriously biting Amanda’s Twitter flair while she’s in treatment. Same enthusiasm, same spotty frequency, same self-possession, same syntax, same loose grasp on the English language, same weird sense of ubiquity … it’s uncanny. Contrast and compare, and I’ll let you draw your own natural conclusion:

In all seriousness, though, Jaden needs to get with the program. Everyone knows Amanda’s life changed for the better once she changed to lower case font.