27 Random Things That Bloggers Love

Overall, blogging is a pretty sweet gig. You can do your job from a coffee shop, you get instant feedback on your writing, and on any given day your work to-do list might include “Write a listicle about therapeutic breakup songs” or “make GIF of Celine Dion’s facial expressions.” Sure, your grandma will never understand what you do for a living, old school writers won’t let you sit at their table in the metaphorical lunch room, and anonymous commenters regularly call you ugly, but for the most part, we love our job and wouldn’t change it for the world.

You know what else we love? Headphones. Facebook shares. Celeb shoutouts. Sweet comments. In true blogger fashion, we thought we’d compile a list of all these random little things that make our internet-obsessed hearts swell with joy. Read on for 27 things that bloggers can’t get enough of…

1. When a headline fits perfectly in the margins. It’s the blogging equivalent of popping a zit. So satisfying.

2. Mourning the death of Google Reader. Or alternatively, complaining about how no other RSS feed will ever live up to it.

3. Getting an email from someone who was really, truly moved by what you wrote. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can keep  you from absorbing all the more negative feedback for WEEKS.

4. Coffee shops with free Wifi. This is our natural habitat.

5. Saying, “I wrote about that ages ago.” Or maybe you just thought that you did.

6. Thinking of the perfect pun. It’s enough to give you a wordgasm.

7. Finding out the true identity of an anonymous commenter. Then stalking him or her on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram and making mean comments about them to your dog.

8. The phrases “In Which” “How To” “In Defense Of” “The Case For” and “An Open Letter To.” How else would one start a rant?

9. When a commenter understands your stupid, obscure joke. It’s like being reunited with a family member you never knew you had.


11. Bit.ly.

12. When something goes viral on Facebook. Watching a post catch fire is kind of like watching your child take its first steps. Well, kinda.

13. Seeing your post on a friend of a friend’s social media account. Like they definitely didn’t repost it from your page and they are sharing it. You’re famous!

14. When you accidentally use a high ranking SEO term. You really had know idea that Nip Slip would attract this level of global readership.

15. Shoutouts/link backs from celeb twitter accounts. Thanks, Norman Reedus!

16. When Buzzfeed steals your idea and actually credits you for it. Still waiting for this to happen.

17. Animal live cams. Because looking at baby goats after an anonymous commenter calls you a “stupid whore” is a form of self-soothing.

18. Spelling “Gyllenhaal” and “Panettiere” right on the first try. That happens like…NEVER.

19. Hyperbole and superlatives! BEST ___ EVER. Insert any word in there and you’ve got yourself the most wonderful headline of all eternity!

20. Twitter. Fuck space travel, Twitter is the final frontier as far as we’re concerned.

21. When an esoteric topic perfectly fits in with the think piece you’ve been crafting in your head for so long. Evil genius laugh.

22. GIFs. The most magical kind of picture that was ever created.

23. Headphones. Good bloggers wear headphones even when listening to…silence.

24. Making listicles about things that happen to a specific subset of people. Guilty as charged!

25. Media inside jokes. Bryan Goldberg is a goldmine of comedy.

26. Soft clothes. Tight pants are our worst enemy.

27. Hate-reading other blogs. It’s what we do on our lunch break.