20 Pinterest-Inspired Pickup Lines For Dirty DIYers

Are you trying to woo a Pinterest-obsessed lady? Not sure how to approach her? Take a page from her book and use one of these Pinterest-inspired pickup lines! Some are tame, some are downright dirty, but all of them are guaranteed to get her attention…

1. Are you a “Live, Laugh, Love” wall stencil? Because I want you in every room of my house.

2. Just call me crockpot because I take things slow and I smell amazing.

3. Life without you is like IKEA furniture without metallic spray paint: boring and meaningless.

4. Baby, are you a mason jar? Because I can’t get enough of you.

5. I like how you turned that wood pallet into a rustic coffee table. Wanna see what I can do with my wood?

6. Baby, I’m like coconut oil: you can come up with 100 ways to use me.

7. Is this a homemade soy candle in my pocket or am I just happy to see you? Both, actually.

8. Girl, are you 100-calorie deep fried Nutella peanut butter brownie bites? Because you’re too good to be true.

9. I wanna twist you up like a braided updo hair tutorial.

10. Baby, are you a misattributed Marilyn Monroe quote? Because you’re making me feel good about my body.

11. You’re so beautiful I want to take your picture and decoupage it all over the world.

12. Are you a 30-day strength-training plan? Cuz you’re making me hard.

13. Just call me one-skillet chicken alfredo, because I’m that easy.

14. I guess I can throw away my repurposed Folgers can lamp, because girl, you light up my world.

15. Baby, I want to be on you like chalk on chalkboard paint.

16. I want to hold you as tight as you hold your bottle of nail polish while taking a photo of your manicure.

17. Girl, you remind me of a shabby chic tea tray, because I want you in my bed.

18. I’ve got 100 different pancake recipes for tomorrow morning. Just saying.

19. Did you clean your pants with an eco-friendly DIY vinegar-based cleaning solution that imparts extra shine? Because I can see myself in them.

20. I’d like to watch you do it yourself, if you know what I mean.

[Photo of craft supplies via Shutterstock]

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