Italy’s Smallest Pony Has Been Pony-napped!

At just two feet tall, an Italian pony named Charly is one of the smallest of his kind, and now he’s gone missing. Late last week, Charly was snoozing in his stall at the National Horse Fair of Città di Castello, where he was scheduled to perform, when thieves cut through the fence, nabbed the tiny equine, and sprinted across a tobacco field to a nearby getaway car. Charly’s owner Bartolo Messina discovered his prize pony was missing the following morning, and is devastated by the crime. “I never imagined having to write this but unfortunately it has happened and I feel empty, violated and destroyed!” He posted on Facebook. “Help me to find him, whoever has news … please contact me!” Italian police believe Charly’s captors may demand ransom for his return.

Charly, if you’re reading this, we will never give up hope for your safe return, even if that means going door-to-door to collect donations to pay your ransom. Who wants to chip in a dollar? Let’s bring Charly home! [Huffington Post]