It’s About To Become Socially Acceptable To Date Your Phone

You’ve probably heard about some rare instances where people were attracted to, fell in love with or even married things like the Eiffel Tower or their truck. It’s called objectum sexuality, a fetish when a person feels romantic desire toward or interest in developing significant relationships with inanimate objects. According to Genevieve Bell, a sociologist for Intel, these amorous feelings toward inanimate objects are about to become not quite so rare. Our love and constant use of technology makes us feel listened to and cared for and will eventually inspire an increase in human-object relationships, she says

“What was once at best a series of interactions is evolving into something that will one day closely resemble a real relationship,” Bell says. “Of course, many devices today still have trouble comprehending what we are saying, let alone caring about us. But the tie between us and our devices is clearly growing …There’s an implicit promise in the listening.”

There certainly is. It’s nice to be heard by your phone and know that no matter what, it will always be there for you at the end of the day. — provided you didn’t let its battery die. Even when it’s being so annoyingly slow and uncooperative about sending text messages that you want to smash it’s smug screen face, you have to forgive it because you know you can restart it and it will deliver you your emails once again and you know that your life is better with your phone in it. I mean, I already sleep with my iPhone by my side, have it next to me all day at work, watch out for it’s safety, dress it up in protective covers and get a twinge of excitement when I hear it’s little beeps and hums and dings. Shit, am I love with my phone? Nah, I don’t swing that way, plus I’m dating a human right now.  But I’m not judging anyone who wants to experiment with technosexuality. Would you consider your phone or your computer as a romantic option?

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