Dad Makes “Slutty” Short-Shorts Family Night-Appropriate

There are ways to embarrass your kid that are hella inappropriate (making her hold a sign at a busy intersection to punish her for twerking at a school dance) and then there are ways to embarrass your kid that really embarrass you … and land you on “The Today Show.” The mother of a young woman named Myley  in Utah asked her daughter to change out of her “slutty” short-shorts into some longer pants when the family went out to dinner and minigolf. Myley refused, probably because calling her shorts “slutty” is rude. So her dad Scott Mackintosh did what dads do best and decided to embarrass her: he chopped his own jeans so he could wear stylish short-shorts, too. His daughter wasn’t super impressed, but the Internet was. And he’s got good legs for a middle-aged dude, I’ll give him that. [People]