Man Brands Passed Out Girlfriend’s “Vaginal Area” With His Initials

Meet Christopher Lynn Jackson, an Arizona man who, according to court documents, allegedly branded his initials on his girlfriend’s “vaginal area,” because, he told her, “her vagina was his.”

The incident took place back in May but Jackson’s now ex girlfriend only came forward this week. According to her, Jackson took her to a baseball game and then wanted to go dancing afterwards. She refused because she was tired, so Jackson gave her what he called “energy pills,” but instead of waking her up, she ended up passing out. When she woke up, she felt serious pain in her vaginal area and looked down to see a C and J branded there. Jackson was nearby with branding equipment and a butane torch. A search warrant further confirmed the woman’s allegations and Jackson was arrested for felony aggravated assault. Jackson has allegedly since bragged about branding other previous girlfriends.

And you thought your boyfriend was being an asshole. Put this guy awaaaaay. [Gawker]