Listen To The Worst Customer Service Meltdown Of All Time

I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves frustrated — maybe even enraged — when attempting to place a customer service phone call. They tend to be about as inefficient as humanly possible. Also, I don’t think a rep has ever pronounced my name right, which just gets you off on the wrong foot immediately. That coupled with how chipper they are. It’s really a recipe for disaster. Prepare yourself for 8 minutes and 31 seconds of the kind of ungodly rage that only a customer service phone call can incite.

A man named Mark was the unlucky rep who intercepted the phone call from a caller who’d been transferred and put on hold for 3 hours. May I say that Mark remained INCREDIBLY calm considering the caller identified himself as “your worst nightmare.” You know how when you call customer service for, say, your credit card company, and they mention that they might be recording you for “quality assurance purposes?” Well, they’re also recording your threats to hunt them down with a machine gun. Footage from “the angriest customer phone call you’ll ever hear” was uploaded to Reddit by a former employee of the company who claims it all went down about 4 years ago. Apparently, the customer’s threats were taken seriously and there was some kind of legal action to prevent him from ever calling again.  That seems like the best thing for everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark and that elusive Michelle are still in the witness protection program. [Salon]