Beauty Test Drive: Mor Lip Macaron Lip Balm

My life has been one long epic quest for the perfect lip balm. These are my stringent requirements:

  • goopy but not sticky or waxy
  • tastes good
  • packaging which is both pretty and sturdy (I drop makeup like it’s my job)
  • most importantly, nourishes my chronically dry lips

EOS lip balms are always in my purse for on-the-go applications when I don’t want to stick my dirty fingers in a pot of lip balm. (Bacteria! Hello.) But at home, when I can wash my hands and apply thick coats of goopy lip balm with abandon, my new favorites are Mor Lip Macarons. Read on to find out why:

Price/Availability: $10, and fancier cosmetics stores

Packaging: When Julie gave me my first Mor Lip Macaron (on the sole basis of my love for macarons alone), which was sent to the office for free to test, I squeed in glee. How could I not? The pretty pastel and gold tin this lip balm comes in really does look like a scrumptious macaron.

Formula/Wear Time: The Lip Macaron has got Vitamin E and beeswax to nourish and soften your lips. Usually I feel like I have to apply lip balm every 20 minutes or else my lips will chap and crack, but this stuff is seriously moisturizing. And it tastes good! (I like the Blood Orange one.)

Overall: A lot of people will balk at a $10 lip balm, but I’d rather use one that hits all my criteria than any drug store brands that are just meh. I totally understand why Mor has got a “cult following”!

Rating: 5/5

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