Now You And Your Overweight Dog Can Go To Fat Camp Together

Different breeds of dogs have different body types. Chihuahuas are naturally petite while pugs tend to be on the stockier side. I can’t even keep going with this intro because it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. What I’m trying to tell you is that the first doggy/owner fat camp has opened in the UK. A company called NuBeginnings is offering a joint dog-human boot camp, where “overweight owners and their furry friends can attend a week-long retreat to get in shape together.” Because you need your dog there for moral support. Or does your dog need you?

The $5,000 fee covers luxury room and board, organic meals, personal trainer sessions and therapy for you and your canine pal. In addition, your dog will get a massage and grooming. The owner, health and well-being expert Victoria Wills, has been running weight-loss retreats for humans for the last four years. The idea to include pets came when she discovered the staggering fact that 25 percent of all fuzzy friends in the UK were overweight.

Let’s be honest, if you eat fast food for dinner every night and then feed your pup the leftovers, you’re probably both going to get a little bit chubby. I am totally in favor of dogs and owners working out and getting healthy together. Why not do some longer walks and switch to low-cal kibble/salads for dinner? I’m even in favor of matching pet/owner workout gear because it’s wonderful. Let’s call NuBeginnings what it is — a very expensive vacation for you and your dog. [Daily Mail UK]

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