Kickass Women Of The Day: Bailey Spaulding And Robyn Virball, Founders Of Jackalope Brewing Company

From sexist beer commercials to male-dominated brewing companies, the beer world has been a man’s world for a long, long time. Two people who are working to change that are Bailey Spaulding and Robyn Virball, founders of Nashville’s Jackalope Brewing Company. Spaulding is Jackalope’s CEO and brewmaster, while Virball is the company president. The two became friends while studying at St. Andrews in Scotland in 2002, toiled in different fields for about a decade (Spaulding actually passed the bar before deciding to to pursue work in a different kind of bar), and opened the craft brewery in 2011. 

I love this blurb from the Jackalope website on how they decided on their company name:

Jackalope gets its name for a couple of reasons, but it mostly comes down to Bailey’s fascination with this creature which she used to believe actually existed. She was given a tee-shirt once with a picture of a Jackalope that said “Believe in Yourself”. Cheesy? Yes. But also our unofficial motto. Believe in yourself. Believe in good beer.

Cheers to that! If you’re ever in Nashville, be sure to swing by the Jackalope tap room for a swig of Thunder Ann Pale Ale or Rompo Red Rye Ale, or order some at one of the many fine establishments all over Tennessee that proudly include Jackalope beer on their drink menus.

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