“Clever” Bros Create Terrible Video Sweeping Women Off Their Feet

Hey bros, you know what’s not cool? When you invade the personal space of women you don’t know by “sweeping them off their feet.” It is really, really not okay, Andrew Hales and Stuart Edge, to surprise a woman by grabbing her physically and immobilizing her. And yet, for some reason, so many of the women in this video seem totally okay with it. I wonder how many women didn’t make the edit — how many times women actually got defensive, maybe even violent, back.

Because that’s the thing — grabbing a stranger and sweeping them literally off their feet isn’t romantic or “gentlemanly” as they call it. It’s creepy as fuck. And it wreaks of white boy privilege to even assume that random women want you to touch them, anyway.

Apparently these two are really into violating people’s personal space: their previous video features them kissing random strangers (again, how much of a fucking ego do you have to have to assume anyone would want you to do this?) Let’s hope they never encounter me as they’re trying some poorly thought out “social chivalry” experiment. [YouTube]