A First-Timer’s Experience At New York Fashion Week (In GIFs!)

While Frisky readers know me from my occasional “What Are We Wearing Today” posts when I was one of The Frisky’s marketing interns, I actually lived a double life this summer. Twice a week, I headed into The Frisky’s office for some Google Analytics and design shenanigans, while the other three days I spent trafficking samples and learning the ropes of the fashion world at up-and-coming fashion brand Nonoo. It was an incredibly exciting summer for Nonoo (their runway show is pictured above) — the brand was declared a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist in July, and I was lucky enough to be a part it.

I was even luckier to get to leave school in St. Louis in order to fly back to New York for a weekend (thanks Mom and Dad!) to attend Nonoo’s first-ever runway show for NYFW. So on September 6, I made an attempt to look runway-ready and headed into the city for the Nonoo show. But while I knew all along that it was going to be weird, I hadn’t realized quite how surreal it would be to experience the ultimate fashion scene as someone who really has no idea what they’re doing. Get the scoop on my New York Fashion Week craziness in GIF form…

where is everybody

1. Arrive half an hour early like you would for a normal event and be shocked when no one is there. Realize you forgot the number one rule of fashion: nothing ever starts on time and that “on time” is early.

paparazzi gif

2. Pretend you don’t see the hoard of photographers taking street style photos and try not to care that they’re obviously too underwhelmed by your non-celeb status and relatively normal outfit to consider taking a picture of you.

overwhelmed nyfw
3. Get completely overwhelmed when swarms of beautiful people wearing heels that make your ankles want to break descend upon the venue and the photographers go crazy and the flashes completely blind you. Realize you’re probably in the background of a couple of shots with a total “deer in the headlights” expression.

short people nyfw
4. Luckily you have a fair amount of time to get your vision back as seated guests get to enter first. You get to wait with all the standing people and hope you get a good spot on the wall. Realize that flat shoes and a 5’1” frame will not help in this battle.

alone in a crowd nyfw
5. ENTER! Find spot on wall and pretend like you know what you’re doing while everyone else chatters around you. Everyone knows everyone in fashion! Most of this experience is about pretending you’re someone other than an awkward college junior majoring in graphic design who somehow got invited.

musical chairs
6. Steal an empty seat when someone doesn’t show up and the show is about to start. You waited for longer than almost everyone else, so you deserve it! Even if your feet probably hurt less than the woman in 6-inch wedges currently shooting you the evil eye.

i understand nothing
7. Read through show program that comes with your newfound seat. Discover that after a summer of dealing with this stuff, you still don’t understand what 95% of it means and what the difference is between silk organza and silk chiffon. It’s all fabric right?

cameras at fashion week

8. THE SHOW STARTS! Admire gorgeous clothes you only previously saw in sketch form as they glide down the runway on the backs of human clothes hangers in between annoying flashes from everyone’s camera/iPhone/Galaxy/Google glasses (seriously).

9. When the show is over 10 minutes later, make half-hearted attempts to not get trampled in the mass exodus of fashion people who have other important places to be. It’s not like you have another show to attend!

eating dinner
10. Slip backstage to say your thank yous and goodbyes to the team and then head to Penn Station to catch your train back to reality. Sure, fashion week is fun, but nothing beats a family dinner with Rosh Hashanah leftovers.