Wedding Photographers Are So Over Pinterest

Many modern brides can’t imagine planning a wedding without Pinterest. They can gleefully pin every detail of their romantic union, from quirky announcements to wedding hairstyles to retro appetizers to the engraved mason jar favors, but as Lexi Petronis recently mentioned over at Glamour’s Save The Date blog, wedding photographers are not as excited about Pinterest as most of their clients are; in fact, a growing number of photographers rue the day Pinterest was invented. The reason? Well, it turns out many brides aren’t using Pinterest for wedding photo inspiration, they’re simply sending their photographers links of other people’s wedding photos and saying, “This is exactly what I want.”

And if you’ve ever worked as a photographer or tried to recreate someone else’s photo, you know that attitude can be, well, problematic…

As wedding photographers Aimee and Troy Grover wrote in a fascinating article about the influence of Pinterest:

“There are so many aspects that go into composing a photograph, most importantly the lighting, environment and the subjects. Sometimes, the most amazing photographs happen by chance and can’t be re-created. Unpredictability is one of the things we find most inspiring and exciting about photography.”

Not only are Pinterest photo expectations often unrealistic, uber-specific photo demands are also super time-consuming, and many couples don’t realize what they might be missing by forcing their photographers to copy someone else’s special moment. “Re-creating someone else’s photo takes a lot of time to stage correctly,” added the Grovers. “When time is something we are always working against, that time that could be better spent creating something unique.”

Hear that, future brides and grooms? Inspiration is cool and all, but don’t get so attached to an exact photo that you miss out on the uniquely beautiful moments that make your wedding yours.