The Only Way To Improve Upon The Handsome Lads Of One Direction Is By Removing Their Teeth

Ah, One Direction: all of the teenage mass hysteria of The Beatles without any of the genre-transcending talent, political gusto, or implied intellectualism. Do they even play any instruments, aside from hair? This I do not know. But hell, if nothing else, Simon Cowell’s charismatic cloneboys have good looks on their side. Justin Bieber never did it for me (in fact, he did and continues to do whatever the opposite is), but Harry Styles, on the other hand… the tousled hair, the wicked grin, the totally non-threatening and yet somehow simultaneously really really carnal sexuality. I guess what I’m trying to say is HE COULD GET IT. But what’s way more fun than ironic (yeah, sure, “ironic”) Harry Styles fan-girling is this photo of the boys sans teeth. And eyebrows. Teeth and eyebrows. AREN’T THEY JUST DREAMY? For maximum enjoyment, I encourage you to pass this along to the underage “1D” (one! D!) enthusiast in your life. Even and especially if said superfan happens to be your own child. [Reddit]