Mars Reality Show Update: More Than 200,000 People Have Applied For A One-Way Ticket To The Red Planet

Back in April, we told you about an intergalactic reality show in the works called called “Mars One,” which will give a few lucky cast members/astronauts a one-way ticket to the red planet. Yes, as in going to Mars never to return again. And f that weren’t enough, the whole process will be captured on film and sent back to Earth in the form of reality TV. With the state of the world, that sounds awfully appealing. The escaping part, not the reality TV part. But just think…no paparazzi on Mars!

Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels like leaving this godforsaken planet never to return again. Since the initial call-out for “would-be Mars settlers,” 202,586 humans from 140 countries have sent in an application to get the hell off Earth. It’s not surprising that 25 percent of the applicants are American. We do love our reality TV!

But don’t fret, if things get worse here on Earth, you still have time to apply. “Mars-One”won’t be making their final selections until 2015. And that’s just when training for living in harsh desert-like conditions begins. The mission to colonize Mars won’t commence until 2022 — provided they can raise the the gazillion billion dollars necessary to produce the world’s craziest reality show.

I will remain hopeful. PLEASE TAKE ME! [ABC]