Jessica And Tim From “40 Days Of Dating” Reveal Their Relationship Status On “Today”

We were all wondering if the “40 Days of Dating” project would end with Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman in a relationship. Who am I kidding? No one was wondering. More like, we were hoping they would come to their senses and break up. They were so glaringly, obviously ill-suited for each other, fighting over that damn Minnie Mouse sweatshirt. As we predicted, they are no longer together, but they remain good friends. As Tim points out, there was nothing natural about this experiment. Uh, yeah. Going to couples therapy with someone you’d been dating for one day would be awkward to say the least.

Even though there was no romantic ending for Jessie and Tim, they insist that the experiment was a huge success because they learned so much about their baggage. That, and they both have have talent agents and development deals in the works. If all of my dating experiences ended that way, I would be pleased as punch too. Sure beats the anger, bitter resentment and large amounts of wine consumption that usually accompany a breakup.