10 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes Are Dumb

Well, we finally drilled it into young people’s heads that smoking cigarettes is really, really bad for you. And in doing so, we’ve driven them straight into their local drug stores to try to score to electronic ones. A piece in The New York Times says that e-cigarette use for middle schoolers and high schoolers has doubled in the past year. That means we have a whole new generation of of up-and-coming underage smokers!

This is very concerning to policy makers for a number reasons. While it’s illegal to sell e-cigs to minors in most states, it’s not illegal in all of them. And although they are less harmful than traditional cigs, they still contain nicotine to which the “adolescent brain is more susceptible.” Last but not least, they are thought to be the “gateway” cigarette as the survey found that most kids who’ve tried e-cigs also experimented with real ones.

All valid reasons, but I find e-ciggies concerning for a number of other reasons. Here are a few of them…