Watch: Emma Roberts, James Franco & More In “Palo Alto”

We heard way back in December that Emma Roberts had a thing for one James Franco, which we suspect may have made things a touch awkward on the set of “Palo Alto”. Directed by Gia Coppola (yes, Francis Ford’s granddaughter, Sofia’s niece, Jason Schwartzman’s cousin, and so on and so forth) and based on a collection of short stories penned by Franco himself, the new movie revolves around a group of high school students in the Northern California suburb of Palo Alto. Roberts stars as the film’s female lead, with Franco as a teacher with whom she becomes romantically entangled. They should probably just have cut to the chase and called it “Famous People’s Attractive Children” — Roberts plays opposite Val Kilmer’s son, Jack. From the looks of the very promising trailer, “Palo Alto” has just the right formula of dark humor and atmospheric ennui that will make it the kind of cult hit teen movie in the vein of… well, anything Sofia Coppola has ever done. Must be that Coppola blood! The film is on the festival circuit right now, and is still in search of a U.S. distributor, but I don’t doubt that it’ll catch somebody’s eye this festival season. Watch the trailer above! [via Deadline]