These Boobies Were Banned From Facebook

We know that Facebook has been cracking down on boobs and nipples in the last couple of years, but they’ve officially taken it too far. When Christmas Island Tourism Board posted an ad for its annual Bird’n’Nature Week with the caption “Some gorgeous shots here of some juvenile boobies,” Facebook blocked it immediately. In this instance, boobies are a species of blue-footed birds found on the island.

“We presumed our original advert was blocked automatically so we appealed to Facebook directly who re-affirmed the campaign was banned due to the sexual language – particularly the use of the word ‘boobies,’” said Linda Cash, the marketing manager of the Christmas Island Tourism Association. Although she assured the social media site that they had just intended to share the pics of the beautiful winged creatures without any sexual implications whatsoever, they refused to reinstate the ad. Facebook, you idiot. Bring back the beautiful, juvenile boobies! [Betabeat]

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