RIP Khloe & Lamar (Except Hopefully Not)

Let’s face it: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are the best thing to ever happen to the dysfunctional treasure trove that is Kardashian family. They just may be the best thing to happen to reality television ever: they radiate from the screen with what can only be described as “sparkle,” bringing with them their endless capacity for high-quality, intellectually stimulating primetime entertainment.

Sure, they’re a little wacky and definitely unconventional, but isn’t that what gives them their charm and grace? Yes, when they got married after just a monthlong courtship (perfectly reasonable, obviously), we all had our doubts. But as the years go on, they’ve been keeping it together with no high-drama celebrity divorce murmurs in sight — until now.

In the alternate reality that is the Kardashian universe, Khloe and Lamar proved themselves to be the most grounded of the pack, and that’s why I’m positive that they can make it through their latest hundred-dollar-bill-sprinkled rough patch. Among the trash heap of celebrity marriages gone by, these two twinkle with (albeit currently drug-riddled) authenticity, still standing as others drop like flies.

Unlike her sisters Kim and Kourtney, Khloe and her husband lack pretension when those ever-present reality TV cameras are rolling. Compared to the likes of Kourtney’s douche-troll Scott Disick and Kim’s pop-star baby daddy of questionable morals, Lamar is something of a saint — even with his vices. As far as I can see, he treats Khloe with respect, which is surprisingly hard to come by in the land of narcissistic reality-star couples. He tells her the truth, he laughs at her jokes, and he speaks to her with kindness. While Kourtney and Kim stick close to the family and their passive-aggressive matriarch, Khloe and Lamar seem to do their own thing, moving the cameras from the cluttered Kardashian house to their own house do a show on their terms. For a while, it seemed that they somehow managed to get it right. They seemed so happy, and so … normal.

You could almost call Khloe and Lamar celeb role models in a world of Lindsays, Mileys and Charlies. We could always count on them to be a steady source of stability on the television in the background as they goofed off, wasted money, ran around screaming (or maybe that was just Khloe) and made stupid jokes. They put each other first as they partied, avoided working, and lounged on their million-dollar leather couches, and what could make a better example for a couple than that? What made them so great on TV was their ability to laugh at themselves. After one “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” episode in which Kim sobbed after losing a diamond earring in the ocean on a tropical vacation, blubbering about “how hard she works,” I knew Khloe was the heroine I needed — the true gem of authenticity in a family of self-important sad sacks. Would Khloe be caught whining that the world has done her wrong over a piece of jewelry she could afford to replace in an instant, oblivious to the fact that people around the world are starving every day while she was on vacation? No way. Yes, Khloe’s lifestyle may be laughable and even undeserved. But she and her husband own it and that’s what gives them — dare I say it? — class.

Even as my faith in real-life relationships has wavered over the years, the one thing I came to know in the dating department is that I could rely on these two to keep it together. If a couple who started off their marriage with so many odds stacked against them could be happy, then there’s certainly hope for the rest of us. With Lamar headed to rehab, I have to believe that they are on the right track back to wedded bliss (and hopefully a renewed TV contract?). His choice to seek treatment goes right back to their aim of putting each other first. Here’s hoping they pull through.

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[Photo via Splash News]