This Twerking Video Is So Hot It’s On Fire

“I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot,” said YouTube user, Caitlin Heller, who literally set her house on fire while doing the dance. No, her butt didn’t spontaneously combust. While twerking against her unlocked front door, her roommate came home knocking her over into a coffee table full of lit candles, which set her living room aflame. Why she had candles lit while twerking? Who knows. It’s a good reminder that twerking — along with corrupting the moral fiber of our country — can be very, very dangerous. Also, you’ll laugh your ass off. [The Daily Dot]

Update:  As many people suspected, Jimmy Kimmel has announced that this video was a fake made by his team in the hopes that everyone would stop twerking. Oh well, it was still hilarious. [Gawker]