Four Abortion Clinics Prepare To Close In Texas

  • Thanks to the new heap of abortion restrictions in Texas, four clinics which terminate pregnancies are preparing to soon close. The clinics will be forced to shut their doors because, as per the new law, the doctors do not have admitting privileges at local hospitals. [KXAN]
  • The Montana Supreme Court halted the hearing that a judge had scheduled so he could reconsider his decision to sentence a teacher who raped his 14-year-old student to only 30 days in jail. The girl went on to commit suicide. [CNN]
  • The Iowa Board of Health has banned telemedicine abortions because they like forcing women to have unwanted pregnancies? I dunno. []
  • This douchey bar in Brooklyn helpfully explains why beer is better than a woman. One example: “Frigit beer is good beer.” Yeah, that’s how they spelled “frigid” — frigit. [Jezebel]
  • Unequal pay is women’s greatest workplace-related concern, according to new research. [Salon]
  • There’s been a teeny-tiny increase in women’s behind-the-scenes representation working on TV shows. [The Wrap]
  • Why do female doctors earn less? [Slate]
  • On interracial casting of “Romeo and Juliet.” [Racialicious]
  • Oooh, check out this kick-ass, inclusive sex-ed comic book, Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf. [Bitch Magazine]
  • Judith Daniels, the founding editor of Savvy magazine, which was aimed at executive women, died at age 74. [New York Times]


  • On the flourishing sex trade in Afghanistan. [Deutsche Welle]
  • One in four rural girls in Nigeria are married off before they turn 15, despite the fact that child marriage is against the law. [Guardian UK]
  • On preventing women’s unsafe abortions in Kenya. [RH Reality Check]
  • A survey by the UK charity Rape Crisis estimated 16 percent of British women have been victims of rape but only one-fifth of those women report it to police. [Sky News]
  • Meet Aminata Toure, Senegal’s new prime minister. [Guardian UK]
  • On fighting sexism in Australian politics. [BBC]

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