Man Steals Date’s Phone After She Refuses To Split The Bill

On the rare occasion that I actually go out on a date with a man, I always bring my wallet. And, when it comes time to pay the bill, most of the time I reach for my wallet in an effort to show that I am willing to pay my half of the tab. Sometimes my date stops me and insists on paying. More often, he doesn’t stop me and I pay half (or more — one time, a date legit itemized down to the cent). Then we usually go back to my apartment and bang and go our separate ways when things get awkward. Kidding! Anyway, the point is, I am prepared to pay for myself on every date, if necessary. Because what if? 

Take what happened to Londoner Fakhara Sultana when she went on a first date with Kishore Nimmala, who she met through the online dating site Zoosk. According to authorities, Sultana and Nimmala had drinks and at the end of the evening, Nimmala expected Sultana to pay her half of the  £54 ($84) bill. Alas, Sultana had assumed — like, frankly, many women would, fairly or unfairly — that Nimmala would be paying for the evening and did not bring money with her. Sultana told authorities that Nimmala followed her to the train, continuing to badger her for the money as he became increasingly angry. When Sultana took out her Blackberry to call for help, Nimmala seized the opportunity to take what he thought he was owed — her phone. 

“At that point, the defendant grabbed her mobile phone from her hand and ran off down the street with it,” said prosecutor Helen Thomas. A screaming Sultana took off after him, drawing the attention of police. Nimmala dropped the phone and attempted to ditch the scene but was apprehended and tried to appeal to the cops for sympathy, claiming “she took my money,” but assured them he only intended on keeping it until Sultana “paid her share.” Uh huh. The verdict in this theft case is still pending.

In all seriousness, both of these people sound like shitbirds. Nimmala is obviously the opposite of chivalrous and, dare I say, maybe a little nuts and an asshole and kind of scary, while Sultana is straight up stupid for intentionally going out for the evening — date or not — without any cash or credit cards. What if her heel broke and she needed to call a cab? What if she passed an awesome sample sale? I mean come on. Anyway, I don’t expect that Nimmala and Sultana will be going on a second (dutch) date. [via Gawker]