Fashion Week Poll: Which Crop Top Look Is More Wearable?

New York Fashion Week is here, bitches! It’s time to prepare your eyeballs for weird accessories, fancy dresses, new trends, styles we can’t pronounce and fabrics we didn’t know existed.

Today kicked off the first of many NYFW runway shows where we got to take a sneak peek at the hottest ready-to-wear looks for Spring 2014. While there were certainly some ensembles resembling bathrobes and costumes that might be found in “Alice in Wonderland,” there was one trend from this summer that found its way into the spring collections: crop tops!

Though I could NEVER wear something baring my midriff unless I wanted to blind those around me, apparently the crop top has staying power! Who knew?! But which of these runway crop top looks is more “wearable” for the masses? Cast your vote above!