Robin Thicke’s VMAs Pal Lana Scolaro Blabs To Life & Style

Move over, Sydney Leathers — there’s a new blabby paramour in town and her name is Lana Scolaro. The woman whose backside was pictured mid-squeeze in the hand of Robin Thicke at a the VMAs after-party has told Life & Style that the pair went on to “hook up” that night. Scolaro, who is 20, said that Paula Patton, Thicke’s wife, was seated nearby while they got frisky and Scolaro didn’t think “he cared what [Patton] thought.” Despite the magazine calling their dalliance ‘cheating,’ Scolaro is quoted saying Thicke said Patton was “chill” with them fooling around and allegedly encouraged Scolaro to talk to Patton. Plus, she left the first VMAs party with Thicke and Patton for another party and that’s where their makeout session went down. She told the magazine that they exchanged numbers and planned to meet again at New York Fashion Week. (Sorry, honey, that’s not going to happen, now.) So there you have it: Robin Thicke has a thing for younger women who aren’t just Miley Cyrus.

But here’s an idea, geniuses: maybe Paula Patton and Robin Thicke have some kind of open relationship. It certainly doesn’t seem like they’re trying to hide anything. [Life & Style Mag]