23 Love & Life Lessons From Birthday Girl Beyonce (In GIFs!)

I’m sorry, but shouldn’t today be a holiday? It’s Beyonce’s birthday, dammit! Queen Bey turns 32 years old today! To celebrate, we decided to mine the Beyonce archives for her music’s most amazing pearls of wisdom about life and love. Considering she is doing, you know, everything right, I expect we should all BOW DOWN and listen.

1. There are other fish in the sea. Don’t let anyone get to thinking they’re irreplaceable. [“Irreplaceable”]

2. Don’t think you can have some casual fling with a taken man, because that shit will get messy right quick. [“I’m Leaving”]

3. Me, myself and I — they’re all you’ve got in the end, so be your own best friend. [“Me, Myself & I”]

4. That relationship you’re so depressed didn’t work out? Someday you’re gonna look back on it and see the person for who they really were, and be like, “Phew, I dodged a bullet!” [“Best Thing I Never Had”]

5. There’s something to love in every sign — from the first to the last — of the zodiac. Everyday of the month has its good and its bad. [“Signs”]

6. Even the best relationships — even Jayonce’s! — take work and you can learn a lot from love. [“Countdown”]

7. “Independent women don’t mind taking care of themselves — and their man.” [“Countdown”]

8. Love the way he screams your name? Girl, he’s a keeper! [“Be With You”]

9. Every girl needs a dress to “pull out when she needs to shut it down.” A freakum dress is a wardrobe staple! [“Freakum Dress”]

10. Don’t put up with a dude who won’t commit to you in the way you need. [“All The Single Ladies”]

11. If he’s worth your love, he’ll put your needs first, give his all, be the person you can always calls. He’ll put your love on top. And if he doesn’t? Girl, you know what to do. [“Love On Top”]

12. If you’re a grown woman, you can do whatever you want. Be bad if you want, live fast if you want, go slow all night long if you want, eat all the lo mein leftovers if you want, ain’t nobody gonna tell you want to do! [“Grown Woman”]

13. A girl’s persuasion can build a nation! [“Girls”]

14. One plus one equals two. Math! So crazy! [“One Plus One”]

15. Even when people die, they never really leave us. [“Halo”]

16. Some people might not be ready for this jelly, but don’t stifle your bootyliciousness for anyone. [“Bootylicious”]

17. We can get through even the most difficult situations if we believe in ourselves [“Survivor”]

18. Find your own voice and don’t be afraid to use it. [“Listen”]

19. If I tell you I want to wait to bone, then you best believe I mean it. [“Yes”]

20. Live your life to the fullest, forget what your parents say and just go with it. Sometimes real life experience is more important than an actual degree. [“Schoolin’ Life”]

21. Be confident, be in control, and you’ll attract someone who is your equal in ALL regards. Having a big ego isn’t necessarily a bad thing. [“Ego”]

22. Don’t be afraid to own just how bad you are, and if the man you found isn’t up to snuff, upgrade his ass. [“Upgrade U”]

23. It’s okay to not be entirely perfect, because no one ever is. And the people that love you for your flaws are the best of all. [“Flaws and All”]