Totally Coveted: Tights, Tall Chests & Consort Skirts

This is Totally Coveted, our new whenever series documenting all the super ridiculous crap we want but (probably, most certainly) are too sensible to buy. Hey, a girl can dream — about $1,200 shoes — can’t she? Take a peek at what we’re coveting, and then tell us what you’re lusting after in the comments. 

1. No Nonsense Tights, $4.86

Julie: If you, like me, used to associate No Nonsense with the pantyhose of choice for Modern Women Of The ’80s, well, you’d be so wrong. These days, No Nonsense makes awesome opaque tights and patterned hosiery, printed leggings and corduroy jeggings. Their fall collection is full of tights and leggings in every shade imaginable, and in both regular and control-top varietals, for when you’ve eaten too much pie.

2. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Consort Skirt, $492 

Winona: As soon as the weather turns even mildly autumn-esque some weird Manchurian Candidate-style trigger clicks in my brain and I suddenly want everything I own to be plaid, preferably luxurious pieces in deep fall colors. This $500 skirt, for example. I would almost surely never have any occasion to wear it, but still, look at that delicious plaid! I would say I’m mad for plaid, but that is my least favorite fashion phrase in history, so let’s just say I’m Very Enthusiastic For Plaid.

3. Urban Decay Vice Nail Color, $15

Winona: I usually don’t spend more than $2 on my nail polish, but I might have to make an exception for Urban Decay’s new nail polish line. The colors are so unique (like this smoky, shimmery shade), and the bottles are so pretty, aaaaand the formula is paraben and sulfate free. Is it enough to convince me to spend $15 on nail polish? Maybe. Just maybe.

4. Shake Tall Chest, $599

Rachel: This just in: I have way too much stuff. Tops go on hangers, jeans get folded, shoes lined up neatly in a row — but what of beauty products? The disorganized plastic bins I currently use to store them aren’t just messy; they’re also a serious eyesore. Where better to store my endless supply of lotions, potions, lipsticks, and salt sprays than this sleek, minimalist chest? It would be a serious improvement over the scattered bottles and tubes that litter my nightstand, that’s for sure.

5. Scream iPhone Case, $35

Rachel: I’m visually fickle, and I get seriously bored of looking at the same thing all the time, especially when it comes to accessories. Currently, nothing is bringing down my style quite like my utilitarian grey iPhone case. This quirky replacement from artist Ben Giles strikes just the right balance between edgy and whimsical, with a note of tongue-in-cheek humor that, as far as I’m concerned, is necessary for all things in life.