Husband Secretly Bought His Wife 55,000 Dresses During Their 56-Year Marriage

Eat your heart out Mr. Big! A California man named Paul Brockman has trounced even your most extravagant romantic gestures by buying his wife, Margot, 55,000 dresses over the course of their 56-year marriage, enough to fill a large warehouse. The decades-long shopping spree began when the couple started going ballroom dancing, and Paul insisted Margot have a brand new dress to wear to each of their weekly dances. Margot didn’t like shopping, so Paul would buy her new dresses before and after work at his construction job. By 1988, Margot’s dress collection totaled 25,000. Today it’s 55,000. Crazy, right? But the craziest part of this story is that Margot didn’t even want the dresses, and Paul has actually been buying them in secret and storing them in shipping containers for years. Whaaaaaaat?!?!

Here’s what happened: Paul’s penchant for shopping for dresses quickly turned into an obsession that far outweighed Margot’s need for dancing outfits. He was soon buying Margot dresses every single day, sometimes coming home with as many as 30 at a time from department store sales and garage sales. Margot told him to stop, but Paul couldn’t resist buying more dresses. He hid his loot from Margot by stuffing the new dresses in between old ones he had stored in the garage, but he soon ran out of room. Eventually he was forced to rent 6 large shipping containers to contain the ever-growing collection. Remarkably, Margot had no idea about the shipping containers and the couple’s children had no idea about their dad’s shopping problem until their daughter opened the door to the garage one day and said, “What the HELL is all of this?”

Now Paul is selling his secret dress collection to clothing companies like Modcloth as well as individuals who visit the LA warehouse where the dresses are currently residing. He’s not sure how much longer he can keep his pop-up vintage shop going, though; the $2,200 monthly lease is more than he can afford to pay.

As for his compulsive shopping habits, Paul has gone two whole months without purchasing a dress, which is the longest shopping break he’s taken in nearly 60 years.

[LA Weekly via Oddity Central]