Here Is The Picture Of Robin Thicke Grabbing Lana Scolaro’s Ass

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Robin Thicke Lana Scolaro photo

I heard rumors about how Robin Thicke allegedly grabbed some woman’s ass at the VMAs and I shrugged, as these things can tend to be sensationalized. Maybe his hand was grazing someone’s lower back? Or he got snapped at an unfortunate angle while colliding with a butt? It’s certainly possible in his line of work. This picture, taken at a VMA after party at 1Oak, features a reflection of Thicke’s hand fully cupping ass with possible fingers slipped into unmentionable places. The photo, which has been making rounds on the internet this week, was originally Instagrammed by the woman in the pic, identified by the Daily Mail  as NYU student and socialite, Lana Scolaro. Well, that just about clears up any doubts I had.  No blurred lines about it. The mirror never lies.

Apparently, a Twitter user tweeted the photo at Thicke’s wife, Paula Patton, with the message, “Look at the reflection, girl.” Oh, I’m sure she saw it.

Yet, we can’t make assumptions about any agreements Thicke and Patton might have about extra-marital ass grabby. Patton seems to be pretty secure in the their marriage. As Michael K of DListed says, “They seem wide open to me. A look of shock would not cover my face if you told me that she lets him be a slut.”

Indeed. Let’s hope she also gets to be a slut when she wants to.

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