How Are We Feeling About Michelle Obama’s Ombre Highlights?

Michelle's New Bangs
michelle obama bangs photo
What do we think of the First Lady's new bangs? Read More »
Michelle's Secret Disguise
Michelle Obama Jimmy Kimmel
The First Lady just wants to go to CVS again, people. Read More »
Meet Sunny Obama
Meet The Newest Addition To The First Family, Sunny Obama!
The newest member of the First Family is one-year-old. Read More »
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Michelle Obama Got Ombre Highlights
  • I’m digging Michelle Obama’s ombre highlights, but then again, I have ombre highlights. What do you think? Hopefully her highlights aren’t as polarizing as her bangs. [Uptown Mag]
  • Lauren Conrad taught us valuable life lessons like trust no one, but be nice anyway. [Gurl]
  • Here is your reading list for Labor Day weekend. [Betty Confidential]
  • A new study says you can judge a person by their shoes. Obviously. [Modern Man]
  • If Romeo and Juliet could text, their convo would have looked something like this. [Em & Lo]
  • The top 50 summer songs ranked from worst to best. Poor Richard Marx. [Nerve]
  • Christina Milian and Jas Prince might be secretly engaged. Not so secret anymore, eh? [Stupid Celebrities]
  • Justin Bieber was busted for driving without a proper driver’s license. I didn’t realize he was old enough to drive. [Popbytes]
  • Which child actor turned adult hunk do you prefer? It’s not really fair for any of these guys to have to compete against Ryan Gosling. Landslide. [Socialite Life]
  • I’m sure you’re dying to know what the inside of Bryanboy’s apartment looks like. I think we should all rate him on social media and eliminate him if we don’t like his throw rugs. [Lifestyle Mirror]
  • Scientists may have just proven that telepathy is real. And if they did then they should be able to guess what I’m thinking right now. [Death and Taxes]
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