Forget Miley, Here’s How To Talk To Your Sons About Robin Thicke

  • Last thing we’ll say on the subject, we swear: Parenting blogs are filled with articles tackling how to talk to your daughters about Miley Cyrus. But how do we talk to our sons about Robin Thicke? As writer Eric Clapp points out, “We need to call bullshit on attempts to end domestic violence and misogyny towards women by only talking to our daughters.” [Eric Clapp]
  • My Girl Scout Council is not, as the name might suggest, a wholesome diary of all the fun Troop 347 had on their annual camping trip. Oh no, it’s a website devoted to “documenting pro-life concerns about the Girl Scouts council by council.” As you do. [RH Reality Check]
  • An 18-year-old woman in Puerto La Cruz, Argentina, was arrested for killing her newborn baby after giving birth in her house. The woman hid her pregnancy from her family, and when she was taken to the hospital following the incident, she screamed that she didn’t want to be a mother. [Jezebel]
  • If you’re going to call out Miley Cyrus for racism, you’ll have to also call out Janis Joplin for racism, so says Atlantic writer Noah Berlatsky. [The Atlantic]
  • The female victim of a brutal Naval Academy gang rape testified in court for the first time today. Midshipmen Tra’ves Bush, Eric Graham and Joshua Tate are accused of sexual assaulting an unnamed woman after she passed out at a party in April 2012. [NBC News]
  • Meet the ladies who star in Robin Thicke’s over-the-top “Give It 2 U” video and find out what they think of his whole Miley debacle. [E!]
  • Women in tech are told they aren’t a “culture fit” which keeps them disproportionately out of the workforce. As one disgruntled female employee notes “there is no misogyny like Silicon Valley nerd misogyny.” [Valleywag]
  • Can you be a “white woman of color”? Survey says … [xoJane]
  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s former girlfriend Hyon Song-wul was executed for allegedly being involved in a porn ring, but more likely because his current wife was accidentally mistaken for Song-wul recently. [Gawker]