Billy Ray Cyrus Totally Woulda Been Twerkin’ If He Had A Foam Finger Like Miley

  • Billy Ray Cyrus on Miley’s twerkin’ at the VMAs, according to Miley’s Twitter: “Mile, if twerkin woulda been invented…. And I had a foam finger…. I woulda done the same thang you did.” [Twitter]
  • As for Miley’s fiance Liam Hemsworth? According to The New York Post, “Liam really does care about Miley, but her racy new look and sort of ghetto attitude isn’t exactly what he signed up for.” [Page Six]
  • Kyle Chandler, aka Coach Eric Taylor, says that he’s not interested in doing a “Friday Night Lights” movie and that he likes the way the TV series ended. To quote a friend of mine upon reading this news, “I FEEL PERSONALLY BETRAYED.” Coach Taylor, why you gotta be like that?! [Buzzfeed]
  • Jamie Lynn-Sigler — best known for playing Meadow Soprano — gave birth to a baby boy named Beau yesterday. Mazel! [People]
  • And former “Bachelorette” DeAnna Pappas (now Stagliano) is pregnant. [People]
  • Amanda Bynes’ doctors are recommending long term in-patient treatment for mental illness. [Radar Online]
  • I love this glossary for annotated email correspondence. [The Toast]
  • Paris Hilton is a DJ now or something. [Huffington Post]
  • Check out a promo for James Franco’s guest appearance on “The Mindy Project.” Where will it put you on the Emotional Reactions To James Franco Lifecycle? [Celebuzz]