“Big Brother”‘s Aryan Aaryn Finally Sent Packing, Is Confronted By Julie On Live TV

Well, this was much more awkward than I expected. On tonight’s live eviction episode of “Big Brother,” Aaryn Gries, who has become known (even by people who don’t watch the reality show) for her racist remarks (and she was just one of a few), was finally kicked out of the house by her fellow houseguests. Though she will join the jury who will eventually decide the winner of the show’s 15th season, she still had to do a live interview with host Julie Chen upon walking out of the house. Oh, and Julie gave it to her. I was actually surprised that Julie went there, given that houseguests who make jury typically get less information about how they’re being perceived in the outside world. Aaryn, while aware when she was inside the house that some of her remarks would be perceived as very offensive (she said a houseguest named Helen, who is Asian, should “go and make rice,” for example), still seemed taken aback by the strength of Julie’s interrogation. I actually have many complicated thoughts on how this went down, largely informed by my avid feed watching. But I’m still collecting my thoughts, so I’ll write more on that later. For now, I leave you with the most awkward “Big Brother” exit interview ever.