6 Party Dresses To Flatter Your Favorite Feature

Look at you! You’re so hot! You have great shoulders/legs/boobs and you should show ‘em off. We’ve found dresses that flatter every friggin’ shape, no matter whether you think you’ve got a bangin’ behind or a super jacked and strong arms. Because why not show off your best self when you’re out on the town?

Here are a few options if you really love your…

BOOBS: Modcloth Eiffel Power Dress, $155.99
SHOULDERS: Jackie Full-Skirt Racerback Dress, $180
LEGS: Funktional Mini Dress, $29.83

And a few more, if you really like your…

party dresses to flatter every body part

BUTT: Sundry Ruched Tank Dress, $108
BACK: Club L Flocked Pencil Dress with Open Back, $42.19
ARMS: Casual Couture by Green Envelope, $89