14 Reasons You Should Be Cuddling Right Now!

I am a person who takes my dreams very seriously and last night, I had a super vivid, extremely urgent dream in which I wrote a list of the 14 reasons (exactly 14) why everyone in the world should be cuddling right now. In my dream, this was the most brilliant, revolutionary concept that I’d ever cooked up and writing it was of the utmost importance — LIFE OR DEATH! So much so, that I got out of bed, flung my boyfriend away who was, in fact, cuddling me at the time, and stumbled to my iPhone to write down this idea so that I would remember it today. I stayed up for at least 30 mins, toying with the language. Was it “Why You Should Be Cuddling Right Now” or “Why You Should Be Cuddling Naked Right Now”? No, not naked. The idea was about cuddling in a non-sexual way. Should it be a slideshow? Or do I use GIFs? No GIFs, no slideshow, just a simple list in praise of SNUGS (snuggling). And now here I am, making this dream list a reality.  After the jump, the 14 reasons why you should be cuddling RIGHT NOW, naked or not. I hope this changes the world the way I dreamed it would.

1. It’s the life force. The energy fills you up with love and hope and the will to live is transferred through SNUGS. It’s like mainlining humanity into your gains.

2. Because it feels so damn good. It really, really does. Our fuzzy pets and babies aren’t ashamed to unabashedly seek out cuddle all the time, why should we be?

3. ABC. Always. Be. Cuddling. It’s real estate for the soul.

4. It makes you feel instantly calm and makes your stress melt away. I’m sure there are endorphins involved in this, but I’m no scientist. I’m just going off personal experience.

5. It makes you feel closer to the person you’re cuddling with, physically and emotionally and spiritually. Connecting with other human beings without any effort involved? Hell yes.

6. You can do it with friends and it’s not weird. It can be done without crossing any weird boundaries whatsoever.

7. It’s a great way to make up if you’ve had a fight or a disagreement. “I’m sorry”s are great, but SNUGS can be a more effective tactic to let someone know they’re forgiven.

8. It makes problems seem more solvable. It’s hard to feel like you’re out of options when you’re cuddling.

9. It communicates more than words. As the ’90s band Extreme said in their song “More Than Words,”All you have to do is close your eyes and just reach out your hands and touch me hold me close don’t ever let me go. I’m pretty sure that song is about cuddling. That’s why I always sing it at karaoke.

10. ALWHEO. When you feel alone in the world — and we all do at certain times — cuddling reminds you that ALWHEO (at least we have each other).

11. It makes you feel more alive in your body. It gives me an all over, subtle tingling sensation.

12. It makes TV and movies seem better. Cuddling on the couch instantly increases enjoyment of bad movies or TV shows.

13. It helps you digest your food. I can’t prove this, but cuddling always makes me feel less full.

14. It makes you feel recharged and energized. After a power-SNUGS session, you’re ready to go out and conquer the world.

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